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What is Project management and what does a project manager do

Project management within the construction sector can be a highly demanding role, many “hats” need to be worn through the process and if done properly the project manager builds the foundations (no pun intended) that a makes the project a success. The oxford definition of a project manager is the

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Planning a return to the office after Covid-19 lockdown

With the increasing uncertainty that our economy currently finds itself in, and that unfortunately we simply cannot “carry on regardless”, well not in its traditional sense anyway. Companies are increasingly finding themselves in a situation of paralysis by analysis and I am not quite sure whether this is due to employers taking their duty of care for their team so seriously (I would hope) or it is due to the foggy and sometimes downright confusing information from the government that seems to be changing on a half hourly basis.

So getting to the task in hand, we thought it would be beneficial to our clients and social media audience if we were to put together a 101 in office prep for getting you team back to work with at least some sense of normality.

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A bit of clarity to fit-out terminology.

As with many industries we have those insider terms that feel more like an “in joke” but really it is not that complicated.
Given that we have quite a few large projects on the go right now, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to explain some of these terms.

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