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What is Project management and what does a project manager do

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Project management within the construction sector can be a highly demanding role, many “hats” need to be worn through the process and if done properly the project manager builds the foundations (no pun intended) that a makes the project a success.

The oxford definition of a project manager is the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

The Project manager are there to control and closely monitor every aspect and stage the project is at. Monitoring all aspects of the quality, the time, and the budget. The role of a project manager is multifaceted and requires an individual with a diverse skillset from engineering to law and much much more.

Additional to the academic skillset is the more personable skillset, for want of a better word, is of upmost importance. For a successful project, the lines of communication between the client, the project manager and the contractors must remain open at all times this can be the difference between success or failure of a project.

What are the main duties of a project manager?

In simple terms the project manager is the one in control of the whole project, the one that either the client or the contractor will refer to. The primary objective of the project manager is to execute the plan and navigate the project and all the people involved, to get the job done, on time, within budget and completed to the standards expected by the client.

In addition to the more obvious responsibilities the project manager is responsible for the project and team to adhere to the strict industry guidelines and regulations and to make sure the project exicution is as approved building plans.

We can divide the massive list into the following categories.

  • The budget setter and monitor of all things financial.
  • The plan maker and schedule keeper.
  • The strategist
  • The account handler and communicator
  • The contract negotiator
  • The HR manager for the team of workers
  • The general spinner of plates

We hope this has been a valuable article and if you need any project management-related works then please feel free to contact us.

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